School shtuff

Signaalwoorden (leidse stencil)

opsomming reden/oorzaak tegenstelling   Voorwaarde Gevolg Vergelijking Overig
actually after all actually   if after all as if at least
as well as as admittedly   provided as a result equally 1. tenminste
even as a result of besides (ZONDER KOMMA)   unless consequently likewise 2. verduidelijking
Both .. and … because by contrast     hence similarly I think that works. At least, I think it should.
furthermore for certainly (MET KOMMA)   Tijd in short   3. In elk geval
in addition since conversely   Before so Voorbeelden You might at least pretend you liked me
indeed   despite   earlier that’s why for example  
in fact   even so desondanks eventuallly therefore for instance  
moreover   nevertheless   initially thus such as  
, too   in spite of   in the past      
what is more   instead   later      
    now maar tegenwoordig now      
    paradoxically   once      
    rather   present      
    true,   today      
    whereas   until      
    to be fair   meanwhile      
    then again