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Nindo is a small scale self-hosted open-source social media platform. Its key features are security, ease of use and reliabilty. It is designed by Robin Boers and built using Phoenix Framework and Elixir.

It is a mixture between a social media platform and RSS reader. It has been in development since around 2019. Nindo allows you to construct your own feed using content from other sites. This also eliminates the need for AI and tracking. It has support for images in posts and commenting on posts. And all your personal data is encrypted so that hackers can't obtain it.



Nindo was first built as a small chatting platform for a local community in Maassluis. It's codebase was pretty terrrible and very insecure. This newer version of Nindo is fully rewritten in Elixir and much more stable and secure than the original. The old Nindo archive can be found on my personal website. It is full of cool old stuff.

Some people ask why I called it Nindo. Well, the anwser is is: I liked Ninjas when I built the original version and I still like the name. Did you know it was originally called DGAW when it was in the first alpha stages? I know, a terrible name :)



Nindo is built using a lot of great tools. I want to especially thank Elixir, Phoenix Framework, bcrypt_elixir, html_sanitize_ex, fast_rss, Heroicons and elixir-rss.